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The Healthy You Podcast

Apr 26, 2021

In the 40th episode of the podcast, we embark on a new level of this journey together: Energy Updates!

This energy update is a tuning in on the collective energies and frequencies, done with the intention to bring guidance and innerstanding to your upcoming month. 

In May, the energy surrounding rising + healing inner...

Apr 5, 2021

Looking for motivation?

Listen up for truth about motivation, and how to release the need to FORCE yourself-- and how to instead, empower and build the life of your Dreams.

Join the Collective here:

Mar 4, 2021

In this episode, we dive into the quest to find your greatness, and how to nurture it. 


Feb 22, 2021

Taking a deeper dive into nourishing the body/mind, food intolerances, being flexible and kind with the ways we eat, and understanding the complexities of food, our bodies, and our souls.